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`Make your art a gift of inspiration to others, to work towards better things`
                              -Richard Schmid

  • Oil Paintings
  • Water Based (Acrylic & Watercolor)
  • Landscapes and Seascapes
  • Nature and Nautical
  • Commission Works
Art by Heidi Holloway ® Chester, Nova Scotia
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Artist Bio
Heidi Holloway was born and raised in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. She grew up with Nova Scotia’s rugged coastline as her playground and the wilds of nature as her playmate. These early experiences along with her reflective spirit and sometimes a dash of humor have greatly influence the themes and expressions in her art. 
Heidi became an artist through inspiration and self-teaching. Working primarily with acrylic, but also using both oil and watercolor depending on her mood and the needs of the piece she is creating. 

Artist Statement
For me, my art is a strong force that can both erase the world beyond the canvas and at the same time magnify it. Everything is captured by intentional and purposeful observation into the moments of interaction with nature. Whether that be the vibrant colors of the wilderness, the calming palette of the ocean or the quirky humor of wildlife. My work is explicitly focused on the natural world and how it implicitly holds hints of humanity. It examines the interactions, relationships and similarities between nature and humanity. My art is a way for me to stay in those places, to press pause on those interactions with the natural world and a means to share those moments with others.
Through my art, I invite the viewer to slow down, be in the moment and to explore the relationship we have with the world around us. To examine how we mirror the sights and seasons of nature, how nature can shape us and reflect our mood. 

About Heidi Holloway

​'Let the Wild be Wild'